For Whom the Battelle Tolls

The lead article headlined “Battelle P&S signed” on the front page of the May 21, 2014 issue of the Duxbury Clipper reported that an “agreement was signed by Battelle and an organization that hopes to utilize the site as an educational…

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So Far, So Good!

It is now a year since Rene Read came on board as Duxbury’s new Town Manager. Although, for the most part, Duxbury had been managed very well by his predecessor, Read came into the job facing some extraordinary challenges including…

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Duxbury Development

The current controversy concerning a proposed 24-unit development off Bow Street, which faces vigorous opposition from abutters and others in the neighborhood, is part of a much broader issue: the course of future residential and commercial development in Duxbury. The…

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Hall’s Corner Confusion

One of the liveliest conversations to date on the “You know you’re from Duxbury when. . .” page on Facebook was set off last Friday morning with the wry comment: “Someone new to town must have found navigating Hall’s Corner…

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Open Doublespeak

George Orwell’s dystopian book “Nineteen Eighty-Four” (published in 1949) portrays a repressive dictatorial society in which thought and language are deliberately distorted to mean the opposite of what they should mean. Although not directly used in the book, the word…

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Fifteen years ago, on December 6, 1999, on the brink of the new millennium, the Duxbury Planning Board completed a major update to the Duxbury Comprehensive Plan. Based upon a Town-wide survey and with the professional assistance of John Brown…

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