sand trap warning at Duxbury Beach

Hot Dogs and the Mommy State

For an exercise of the over-controlling mommy state run amok, one need look no farther than the August 11, 2014 meeting of the Duxbury Board of Selectman. Robert F. Shine has been operating a hot dog stand at various events…

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North Hill Green

Jonathan Swift came to me last night in a dream. “What brings you here to visit with me this evening, Jonathan?” I asked. “I have come to you,” he said, “with a Modest Proposal for Preventing the North Hill Golf…

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Big Zoning Changes Ahead?

Three key factors are combining into what is likely to be a ‘perfect storm’ with profound and far-reaching effects on Duxbury over the next few decades. These include 1) a clear shift toward a more easy-going enforcement policy in Duxbury…

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A Plus One Fourth!

Disruptions to our normal routines offer, if we are receptive to them, fresh perspectives on matters we ordinarily take for granted. Duxbury’s rain-delayed July 5th Fourth of July parade is a good example. Abbreviated by the absence of elements that…

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For Whom the Battelle Tolls

The lead article headlined “Battelle P&S signed” on the front page of the May 21, 2014 issue of the Duxbury Clipper reported that an “agreement was signed by Battelle and an organization that hopes to utilize the site as an educational…

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So Far, So Good!

It is now a year since Rene Read came on board as Duxbury’s new Town Manager. Although, for the most part, Duxbury had been managed very well by his predecessor, Read came into the job facing some extraordinary challenges including…

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