Tone at the Top

There is a very important phrase, originating in accounting and auditing. That phrase is “tone at the top”. It is defined on the Ventureline web site as: TONE AT THE TOP refers to how an organization’s leadership creates the tone…

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football team

Team Sports and the Nanny State

One of the most dramatic changes in social norms over the past century has been the emergence of “the nanny state”.  It is defined by the Oxford dictionary (UK) as “the government regarded as overprotective or as interfering unduly with…

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Duxbury High School Sign

Kevin Cullen’s Bogus “Truth”

Boston Globe columnist Kevin Cullen’s October 26, 2016 article “When the absence of truth creates a vacuum” purports to tell the real story of what happened in the incident in the weight room of the new school on August 27,…

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our guys

Our Guys

Our Guys is a 1998 book by Bernard Lefkowitz. Here is an excerpt from the description of the book on Amazon: In March 1989 a group of teenage boys lured a retarded girl into a basement in Glen Ridge, New…

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Tantillo, Others, Must Go!

Working on a longer piece exposing the numerous false, misleading, and defamatory statements made by Duxbury Superintendent Ben Tantillo at the Wednesday, October 22, 2014 meeting of the Duxbury School Committee we discovered that an important Twitter entry (Tweet) and the picture accompanying…

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An Important Letter from a Recent DHS Graduate

I loved my time at Duxbury High School. I will proudly admit that until the day I die. DHS prepared me exceptionally for college, groomed me to be a team player, a collaborator, a critical thinker, someone up to almost…

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