Town of Duxbury Procurement Documents Now Available on Scribd

An extensive collection of documents related to the procurement process and actual procurements by the Town of Duxbury, Massachusetts is now available on Scribd at It includes various documents related to the legal requirements for posting procurement notices as well as all such notices posted by the Town of Duxbury between January 1, 2000 and June 31, 2012. We are in the process of analyzing the listings by cross-checking with appropriations approved at Duxbury’s Annual and Special Town Meetings during that time to see what has and what has not been posted to the Massachusetts Central Register and/or to the Massachusetts Goods and Services Bulletins. Subsequent articles here will report the results of that analysis.

Meanwhile, however, anyone can now examine the documents on Scribd to see for themselves what procurements have been posted at one or another of the official Massachusetts procurement posting sites. And if you are aware of any procurements that you believe should have been posted but were not, please let us know via email ( and we’ll look into it. Stay tuned!

A brief directory of all the Duxbury procurement documents with active links to them may be found in the right hand column on this page, underneath the section with the links to the North Hill Lawsuit documents.