Bullying in the Duxbury Schools

The following is the text of an open letter sent to Ben Tantillo (Duxbury Superintendent of Schools), the Duxbury School Committee, the Town Manager, the Duxbury Board of Selectmen, the Duxbury Police Chief, Duxbury’s State Representatives (Josh Cutler and Tom…

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From A Duxbury High School Student

The following is from an email letter we received from a courageous student at Duxbury High School: As you may know, Duxbury High School recently fired Harry Taylor who was a gym teacher and assistant football coach for DHS for…

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McLean's Way Plan

Forty B Follies

Notwithstanding determined protests from abutters and neighbors and the ritual drama of ostensible protests and objections played out by the Duxbury Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA) purporting, superficially, to object to the project, the proposed “McLean’s Way” development of 24…

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Duxbury Town Hall Sign

As Above . . .

“As above, so below” is an old saying often attributed to the ancient practice of alchemy. The idea is that there is a correspondence between phenomena at one level and another. That is certainly so economically regarding the Town of…

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Politics as Unusual

Voters’ choices on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 will be unusually significant for a (Congressional) mid-term Election Day with potentially profound impacts at the local, state, and national level. With President Obama bumping along at personal lows in public opinion polls;…

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A Freshman Perspective

When I finish writing this column, I will drive up to Cambridge to serve as a marshal for the Harvard Freshman Convocation welcoming the new members of the Class of 2018. A relatively recent innovation, this is a “new tradition”…

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