Duxbury Town Hall Sign

As Above . . .

“As above, so below” is an old saying often attributed to the ancient practice of alchemy. The idea is that there is a correspondence between phenomena at one level and another. That is certainly so economically regarding the Town of…

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Politics as Unusual

Voters’ choices on Tuesday, November 4, 2014 will be unusually significant for a (Congressional) mid-term Election Day with potentially profound impacts at the local, state, and national level. With President Obama bumping along at personal lows in public opinion polls;…

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A Freshman Perspective

When I finish writing this column, I will drive up to Cambridge to serve as a marshal for the Harvard Freshman Convocation welcoming the new members of the Class of 2018. A relatively recent innovation, this is a “new tradition”…

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sand trap warning at Duxbury Beach

Hot Dogs and the Mommy State

For an exercise of the over-controlling mommy state run amok, one need look no farther than the August 11, 2014 meeting of the Duxbury Board of Selectman. Robert F. Shine has been operating a hot dog stand at various events…

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North Hill Green

Jonathan Swift came to me last night in a dream. “What brings you here to visit with me this evening, Jonathan?” I asked. “I have come to you,” he said, “with a Modest Proposal for Preventing the North Hill Golf…

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Big Zoning Changes Ahead?

Three key factors are combining into what is likely to be a ‘perfect storm’ with profound and far-reaching effects on Duxbury over the next few decades. These include 1) a clear shift toward a more easy-going enforcement policy in Duxbury…

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