October Special Town Meeting Alert!

Mark your calendar now for the evening of Monday, October 5, 2015! The Duxbury Selectmen, at their meeting of June 15, 2015, scheduled a Special Town Meeting (STM) on that date. The stated purpose is to get voters’ to authorize…

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Ant Man

By Bob Garver “Ant-Man” is the second movie this summer for the Marvel Cinematic Universe (which at this point pretty much means the world of The Avengers), and it serves pretty much the same purpose as last summer’s second MCU…

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Duxbury Times Returns!

Welcome to the Duxbury Times site reborn as of Thursday, July 2, 2015! We had shut it down last December because it required too much time and effort, so many folks asked to have it back that we decided to…

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Elaine Haffey Speaks

The following is the text of the statement by Elaine Haffey at the meeting of the Duxbury School Committee on Wednesday, December 10, 2014 (scroll to the bottom of this page for a video of the meeting): Thank you for your…

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Clipper Slurs Rene Read – Why?

Today’s (Wednesday, December 3, 2014) issue of the Duxbury Clipper carries, as its lead article, what amounts to a scurrilous attack on Duxbury Town Manager Rene Read thinly disguised as news headlined “Read sued in Hanson” and sub-titled “Ten-count lawsuit filed…

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How Not To Spend $128 Million!

One of the most mysterious of the many mysteries surrounding the August 27, 2014 “Incident in the Weight Room” at the new combined Duxbury Middle and High School is the mysteriously vanished video. According to a phone message Duxbury’s Superintendent…

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